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RSkype Recorder : Record high-quality Skype voice and video... best of all the Skype Recorder! Easily take audio notes for the Skype conversation... totally automatic! Remotely listen to a Skype call... no matter where you are

Record Skype Video Calls Automatically Record Skype Record Skype Call Details Recurrence Of Skype Calls Offline Recorder.

1. Recording length Unlimited . 2. Recording quality Excellent. 3.Auto Recording and Auto Saving 4.Video Recording.Record Skype Video call and capture other Windows. 5.Support Game Recording 6.Support Silent Mode 7. FTP Uploader.Auto upload record file. 8.Non-Skype Recording.

RSkype Recorder has the best recording quality among all the Skype recording tools.

RSkype Recorder


RSkype Recorder 6.18

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